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History of Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt:


Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt has been in business for more than 100 years. We started out selling produce wholesale in the Produce Markets of San Francisco. Leo Rolandelli purchased Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt in 1963 and has sold produce for the past 50 years. During the 70’s Leo started working with asparagus growers to develop the asparagus industry.  Since then, asparagus has become the majority of Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt’s business. Leo has mentored and worked with several of our competitors to help develop the asparagus industry as a whole. In 2012 Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt sold it’s wholesale produce business in the San Francisco Produce Market to concentrate on Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt’s brokerage business. We currently sells asparagus, melons, and pomegranates.


History of Asparagus at Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt:

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Grower Philosophy:


Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt and the success of its growers has been on of a partnership built on what each is good at; the grower producing a quality crop and Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt selling at a price that provides the most money back to the grower.


We provide growers with funds to enable them to develop and plant fields, build packing sheds and cold storage facilities and buy equipment.


By partnering with growers, instead of growing ourselves, we return money back to the local economy of the grower.  As apposed to other grower/shippers who maintain all proceeds in the US.


Jacobs, Malcolm & Burtt and our growers believe this is the best way to achieve success and deliver the highest quality products to the consumer.  We believe in getting high quality products to the store shelf in the shortest time possible.